Sandra from Austria

Today we did the Bollywood Tour with Rahil. It was great, we had the possibility to look at some film shootings and we have seen many Film sets like a Hospital, a Prison, a Police station, a Railway station and a very big Palace at the Studios. We had much fun today and it was a very good experience to talk to the actors and take some photos with the heroes and heroines. The tour started with breakfast and we had lunch also in a jungle restaurant ! We are very satisfied with the tour and could recommend it very much. Thank you for this very exciting day.............
Anais Perret

Anais Perret from France

The Bollywood Tour is very great and interesting. Before going to the Studio, it is a very good idea to take a private car so that we can see the city and lot of places that we cannot see by walking. To see the Studios is amazing and to take pictures it is very great. To watch a shooting, it is unbelievable ! For someone it is a dream and with this tour it can become true. I am very happy and I recommend Rahil Khan and his Tour company to everybody..........
Marlene Pollien

Marlene Pollien from France

I came in Mumbai to see Bollywood. I like the Tour from World of Bollywood because we took the car around the city so we got to see the city with information from the Director, Rahil Khan. With this tour we saw the Studios, Film Shootings and Actors. We took pictures with Actors and of Film Sets. It was great ! I liked it. Thank you. ............
Yogesh Vaghani

Mr. Yogesh Vaghani
Chairman - Vedzen Institute Ltd.
Director - Milton Plastics Ltd.

World of Bollywood Tours and Travels Director Rahil is completely involved with your travel plans. While booking with them, time is no bar as they are available as per the customers convenience. They are very reasonable in their prices. It goes with the quality of service, value of time and on time delivery. This matters a lot. That is why I book with them every time as I become totally free after telling them about my travel needs. There is no stress or last minute hassles and I am relieved of all the worries. Not just that, the service does not end by giving Tickets, Visas, Hotel bookings, etc. At every point I would receive a call from Rahil asking if things are going alright. Therefore, from the last 14 years me and my companies book with them always. On return from the journey, Rahil always checks where the service can be improved and that according to me is the hallmark of true customer service.
Megane Augustine

Megane Augustine from Canada

I am from Canada and I had never seen a shooting before. This experience was great ! It was very interesting to see how a Film is made. Bollywood is a very famous place and if you go in Mumbai, I think it is important to see this place. I recommend " World of Bollywood ". The director Rahil Khan is very nice, patient and he knows everything about Bollywood. It was a very good experience, amazing ! Moreover with the car and driver you can see the full city. Thanks to Rahil.......
Lee Edwards

Lee Edwards from Birmingham, England

I had a good day on Saturday, 11th May 2013, at the Cricket Stadium in Pune with Rahil. We really enjoyed a lot. It was very exciting to watch the Cricket match Live at the beautiful stadium in Pune. After the match all of us had delicious Indian food for dinner. I will remember this day for a long time to come. Thank you Rahil for the Lovely Day......
Mrs. Havovi Kanga

Mrs. Havovi Kanga
Kanga Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

World of Bollywood Service is wonderful. At the drop of a hat, what ever service is required is delivered on time. I remember we needed some train tickets urgently in the peak season, but the tickets were not available and heavily wait listed. Rahil's office managed to get the confirmed tickets in time which was next to impossible. I am their happy customer from the last 13 years. They are available 24 hours and we book all our Domestic and International Air tickets, Hotel bookings, Tours and Car rentals only from them. I wish them all the luck in the world !
Pramod Kumar

Dr. Pramod Kumar
International School of Business and Media.
Pune - Delhi - Kolkata - Bengaluru

Rahil was my student at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management in Pune. He was a very bright and sincere student and was a favorite of all the Faculty members. After passing out from our Institute, he chose to become an entrepreneur and started his own travel company with limited capital but unlimited drive and passion. Since the past 14 years, I have a long standing relationship with his company and they provide high quality service, he is available 24 hours / 7 days a week, and always very responsive to our requirements. Once I had to travel at a short notice to USA, and my passport had expired. Rahil used his resources and managed to get me a new passport within 4 days.

Annika and Sophia from Germany

Dear travelers to India, We would like to recommend World of Bollywood Tours and Travels in India. Rahil Khan is a very friendly and helpful person. He is always keen to find the right train, bus or taxi. He was contactable the whole day and night and he cares about us very well. Every time we made a tour, which he planned he was very interested in getting information how the tour worked. Soon all Tourists will be happy, because he will open more offices in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Jaipur and Agra which will also be called "World of Bollywood Tours and Travels". In addition to organize train and bus tickets he will arrange Tourist tours to the Bollywood filmsets and studios to watch film shootings and meet famous actors of Bollywood.

Ilona from Austria

It was a very fine tour of the studios. The bollywood tour was very well organised and we saw a lot! And we had lovely breakfast and lunch. Thank you for the enjoyable day!
Dyron Daughrity

Dyron Daughrity
University of Calgary

Rahil is such a genius, so trustworthy and completely involved with travel plans of his clients.

Meggi from Germany

We did the bollywood tour on 30th July 2013. The pick up was on time. The driver was very friendly and telling us about the city which was interesting. We were more interested in the film studios. The lady guide showed us some of the studios and described them for us. She is a very charismatic person and a pleasant company. It was nice because we could stay and watch the film shooting as long as we wanted to. We were even allowed to see how scenes of a movie and a serial have been filmed. The lady guide was also able to organize confirm train tickets for Udaipur although they were waitlisted. After the tour the lady guide made sure that we got something to eat. She was very caring. After lunch the driver dropped us to any place we wanted to go.
Renaldo Langer

Renaldo Langer from Germany

Our bollywood tour started at 10 am on 30th July 2013. The driver was very nice and showed the houses of Bollywood stars to us. During the drive in the lovely car, the driver informed us much about Mumbai and showed us some other places like the famous Mount Mary church, Dhobhi Ghat and some temples. For me personally, this was the best way to explore Mumbai. The lady guide was accompanying us on the tour and she was also very nice and very pleasant. We really enjoyed watching the sets and shootings at the studios. I recommend the Bollywood tour to everyone.

Asaf from Israel

I got to Mumbai and was very keen to book a tour to see the Bollywood studios and got Rahil’s card from the Hotel’s reception. In the morning the car came to pick me up from the hotel and we drove across the city to reach the studios, we got to do a lot of sightseeing along the journey. In the studios, I saw some Film shootings and met the actors and spoke to them. I can assure you that Rahil is a great guy and if you go on a tour with him, you will really enjoy !
Gabriella and Ugo

Gabriella Pisoni and Ugo De Iesu from Italy

We have to say thanks to Rahil Khan because we spent a really wonderful day ! The tour of the city was very interesting especially “Dhobhi Ghat” ( Big open laundry area ). The Bollywood studios and sets were fantastic. We really enjoyed ! We also got to see a very nice and funny movie called “Chennai Express”. We suggest this company “World Of Bollywood Tours” to everybody!
Laurent and Michael

Laurent Andres and Michel Frossard from Switzerland

We took the Bollywood tour from 10 am to 7 pm on the hotel receptionist’s recommendation. We visited some monuments before entering the studios. We saw a Film shooting, it was very interesting and we appreciate very much. Then we make a tour of the studio and saw may different sets. We had a very nice lunch in good restaurant. We came back to hotel crossing the city. With this way we saw a lot of Mumbai in only one day. I would happily recommend the “World of Bollywood Tours” with very friendly guides.
Shrishti Gupta

Srishti Gupta From Delhi, India

It was really an awesome experience in Bombay! Meeting my favorite actors has always been a dream to me! These people made it possible! Due to their contacts, I not only saw the shoots but also got a chance to meet my favorite actors. We didn’t get bored for a minute also. We had just returned from Europe and thought that Mumbai would be boring after Europe. But these people represented Mumbai so well and exactly as a dream city as we have heard earlier. In just one day we saw the whole of Mumbai….Yippee!!! I am so happy! We also visited famous spots and had a very nice experience. Next time whenever I will be in Mumbai, I will surely meet these people again and go for a tour with them because the way they behave and treat you, it doesn’t look that you have met them just few hours ago. I will also recommend my friends to go out on tours with them. Thank you so much for the memorable and exciting day!
Kalismamin and Subinart

Kalismamin and Subinart from Korea

We were on a honeymoon to India and arrived in Mumbai. We were completely lost and confused in the big and crowded city of Mumbai. We contacted Rahil Khan of World of Bollywood Tours and he was very kind and helpful. He guided us to a good hotel of our budget and took us on a city tour of Mumbai and arranged our train tickets, hotel bookings, car transport and air tickets for Kerela, Rajasthan and Agra. We are very grateful to him for his guidance and kindness. Because of him, we had a safe and enjoyable 20 days holiday in India.
Kensuke Seya

Kensuke Seya from Tokyo, Japan

We were a group of 7 students from Japan and were having a lot of language problem in India. We contacted World of Bollywood Tours and Travels and met Mr. Rahil Khan at our hotel. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and guided us about how to travel in Mumbai and India. We took a Mumbai night tour with him and had a very enjoyable and fun evening at the amazing night club. Mr. Rahil Khan also arranged our train tickets and hotel bookings to Delhi, Rajasthan and Agra. He also arranged a big SUV car for a 3 days tour to Aurangabad to see the unbelievably beautiful Ellora and Ajanta caves and mini Taj Mahal. We thank Mr. Khan and would recommend his travel business to all tourists who visit India.
Mr. Chang

Mr. Chang from China

I took the Bollywood tour and city tour with World of Bollywood Tours and had a very good and interesting experience. We had a very nice lunch. First time in my life, I saw a film shooting. It was fascinating.
Heiko Schaper and Petra Weber

Heiko Schaper and Petra Weber from Germany

We contacted them 2 months before we came from Germany to India on our 5 weeks holiday. Rahil Khan arranged our entire tour to Mumbai, Aurangabad, Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan, Kerala and Goa. When we reached Mumbai, they welcomed us at the airport. All our train tickets, air tickets, hotel bookings and Car transport arrangements were ready when we reached India. They were very professional and efficient in the way they organized everything. We had a hassle free and perfect tour to India as all our arrangements were already made which gave us free time to enjoy and experience the beauty and culture of this amazing country, India has to show to the world. India is a beautiful country and you must not miss something very interesting in your life.
Lauraine and Natalie Wells

Lauraine and Natalie Wells
London, England

We found that the tour more than lived upto our expectations. We experienced an excellent tour of Mumbai, all the time being given interesting points to note. We were allowed to go right into the studio to watch the filming of a bollywood movie. We were treated to a very welcome lunch ! All in all a very entertaining and exciting, not to be missed tour. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.
Pham Corrinne and Patrick Fily

Pham Corrinne and Patrick Fily
Paris, France

We enjoyed the tour of Mumbai very much. We even visited Bollywood studios and had great moments. We met a famous actress. Our guide showed us the film shooting and everything in the city. He is very considerate and friendly and took us to a nice place for delicious Indian food for lunch. He welcomed us with a gift and mineral water. We recommend this company very much as it will help the other travelers.